Annual Special Events

Tuck & Patti shared the love on so many levels at the SKARTS benefit fundraiser on July 27th, 2013.  They have been married more than 33 years and have performed together for 35!  It was so sweet watching the eye contact and the musical connection which obviously runs so very deep.

Everyone at the show felt privileged to be a part of such a magical and loved-filled experience.  Tuck lived up to his knock-your-socks-off virtuoso status and Patti’s voice was like a warm summer breeze.

It was another unforgettable show from SKARTS.

Special credit goes to Fouad Dietz, who chaired the event, which would not have been possible without Joe Strodel’s incredible fundraising effort.  The entire SKARTS Board was at the top of their game this year.

Thanks to everyone who attended and special thanks to our amazing sponsors!

You can contribute the event by sending a tax-deductible donation to Skaneateles Arts Council, PO Box 422 , Skaneateles, NY  13152.

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